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Eye Track Design

Eye Track Design started in Port Macquarie in February 2011.

Focus. Our focus is to advice and support local businesses and organisations with website design and website improvements.

Guarantee. I can guarantee every website can do better with at least 10 Usability improvements!

Strength. Our strength is our international Usability certification (CUA - Certified Usability Analyst) in combination with web design, knowledge and experience.

Goal. We like to help out local businesses on their website journey in a personal, understandable and none technical way. We also offer our support to businesses who are experiencing website issues or troubles. With our Usability knowledge and experience we advice on Usability improvements and offer a more user friendly website design outcome!


Steve worked over 10 years (2000-2010) with Capgemini in Europe. Working for a huge international company has great advantages regarding web development knowledge and experience. All training gained at the Capgemini Academy. Steve is a consultant and a senior project manager. Steve enjoys working in a team setting and train, coach and mentor (senior and young) professionals.