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We offer knowledge and experience in a couple of other IT aspects. We are more than happy to discuss our other available services.

If you have no idea about IT stuff we like to guide you through this process. If we can't fix it ourselves we try to help out contacting the right person who is able to help us further.

Project Management & Team Lead

Teaching, Training & Coaching

Personal Computer Support

Contact us when you:
  • Experience website or web project troubles or issues?
  • Have a staffing issue or a temporary vacancy?
  • Need website service and professionalism?
When your are interested in Usability or if you are a web designer/company and are curious (or need to know more) about Usability design decisions, please contact us and we can organise a Usability training, teaching or coaching. Support
Is your pc showings signs of strange behaviour? Problems with installations/printers/etc.?
We might be able to support with maintenance or development of custom software programs.